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Hi all. How does anyone feel about the MAP movement, social group? Would you go to MAP Pride?
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Open thread.


And for turning a person into disgusting critters which is considered by society as normal just because it's natural. That's more attributable to dihydrotestosterone though, which can be fought specifically, even though being produced from testosterone.

Loving is normal and natural, but the fact is that people have prejudices and everyone perceives the norm in their own way. For example, I met that gays said that it is natural to be gay, but to be straight is unnatural and abnormal, and straight people also say about gays and bisexuals that they are unnatural and abnormal. Not everyone is like that, but there are such people among everyone, and it’s sad.

As for testosterone, antifa and vegans held a conference saying that it is not the fault of testosterone itself, that people deteriorate externally over time, but because of what people eat and the lifestyle they lead. For example, vegans who do not consume artificial food and animal products, their testosterone does not release harmful parts. Those who eat meat, products with yeast, they experience hormonal imbalance and instability. Alcohol and drugs also spoil your appearance and health. This is all regulated by proper nutrition and lifestyle. Veganism is useful not only for saving the lives of animals, but also for human health and the environment.


>What's wrong with deaths? There are almost 8 billions of people already. Nature can't bear that much. So billions must be eliminate somehow anyway so at least the rest can survive.

This can be regulated in a humane way, without killing, for example by prohibiting giving birth to more than one child for some time. Or not plan pregnancy at all for some time or for life. Contraception must be used to protect against unplanned pregnancy. Education must be provided on these issues.


> For example, vegans who do not consume artificial food and animal products, their testosterone does not release harmful parts
Yeah, by literally becoming herbivore ponies.

But how do those ponies deal with carnivores who attack them? Willingful veganism won't eliminate the threat from the planet per se.
> by prohibiting giving birth to more than one child
It was already tried and failed in China. Kids were born illegally anyway, and used as a free workforce (in particular, Nokia was pulled into a scandal because camera lenses produced in China turned out to be polished by tiny fingers of such unregistered kids in an agressive solution).

You cannot prevent stupid monkes who cannot control themselves from unprotected sex this way. Nothing willingful would work, they just lack the willpower. The most humane way would be to sterilize them, which is consider acceptable for pets for a long time already, but somehow not for humans, because of all of this egalitarian leftist bullshit and Nazi-phobia.


China is country with dictatorial regime, has corrupt ties with Russia, and China officially positions itself as a communist, but in fact it is the same fascism. What is happening in China is a plan. If they wanted to regulate the birth rate, they would do it. For example, you can reward and pay additional benefits to childless people and those who have only one child. It is necessary to find out who the parent of the discovered baby is if the restriction for subsequent proceedings and the rendering of a verdict has been violated. There are many ways you can think of.

As for veganism, it will help the planet and will also regulate the economy for the better. Do you know how much money it takes to raise one cow and one pig on a farm? They need to be fed and watered every day, and these are costs and expenses. Imagine how much money you need for one pig every day to feed it! Once killed, it will be eaten by one to five or six people. Economically, this is irrational, the farm spent more money on raising the pig, and besides, there is an unpleasant smell coming from the farms, which pollutes the air; I am silent about unsanitary conditions.

In addition, you will be surprised, but carnivorous animals can be made vegan. Everyone needs the same proteins, microelements and vitamins. They can NOT be obtained from animal products. More than once, society has asked vegans who have pets, including cats and dogs: what do you feed your pets? They answer: what we ourselves eat, we give to them. Also began producing vegan animal food.


It is a great breakthrough in achieving civilization that antifa and vegans have developed vegan dietary supplements, medicines and animal feed (Vegan pet food is mega cool!). In addition, there are achievements in the production of clothing without animal materials and products (household chemicals, medicines) that have not been tested on animals.

File: DILATE!.mp4 (16.86 MB, 854x480) ImgOps


Дилатируй дилатируй транни
Ты никогда не будеш настоящей женщиной


Що значить «справжня» жінка?


Ето так.



На росії є хірурги та медики, які цим займаються? Як несподівано.

File: IMG_0527.png (371.96 KB, 800x450) ImgOps


С обоссыванием жопы



File: 1721317730516.png (40.05 KB, 315x444) ImgOps


mykola loves tgirls

File: 1708522668077.mp4 (6.07 MB, 1072x1920) ImgOps


Чи є інші причини ставати MtF трансиком, окрім автогінефілії і гонитви за сильнішим сексуальним задоволенням у ролі жінки?
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Open thread.


File: ClipboardImage.png (1.47 MB, 2048x1503) ImgOps

>Autogynephilia is defined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female.



Ти якусь хуйню ненашенську мені тут втираєш.
Кожен настоящій сварщік любе свого автогена!
Автоген - це сила, автономність і незалежність від проісків Ахмєтова!







File: Mortnite.gif (491.6 KB, 350x350) ImgOps


Ameritran here hello ukraine


Hi. Are you cute?

File: 1698107723334579.jpg (210.23 KB, 1170x1200) ImgOps




В росії заборонили будь-які ЛГБТ. Кожен громадянин росії, що переглядає лгбт треди на цій імідборді, ризикує своєю сракою.


Срать пацрєот не може без Расєюшки. Прокидається вранці і думає що там в расєї заборонили. Український цивільний пацрєот, іді нахуй!


File: гойкіссер.gif (3.19 MB, 1000x720) ImgOps

Моя чесна реакція.




File: ClipboardImage.png (191.54 KB, 2025x1716) ImgOps

File: 86495535_165223484926198_1….jpg (18.29 KB, 398x570) ImgOps


Just wondering if here is a man from south africa that would take my asshole viginity

File: 799094.png (52.09 KB, 594x229) ImgOps


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Open thread.


File: lusty-smiley.jpg (238.01 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps

I don't like men, I only like girls with dicks.


Hello, i need urgent financial help, am in Uganda and am not safe as am not of the streets after the landlord and community found out that i am gay, i urgently need financial help to relocate please am on the streets




I am lookingt for gay parties


Welcome to China & North Korea PARTY CAMPS, m8!

Not much far. Awesome Parties. Much cool people.
Real diversity. Lots of kinks n crazy nights. All-inclusive.
They'll get U vibe like never b4! CONCENTRATED!

Afraid of not blendin' in?
Top prep into da cuttin' edge culture 4 free!

Find out more 4 yo'self!
Be first to get there before ur m8s do, m8!

File: image_9467b75d-33bd-4eea-8….jpg (83.83 KB, 1126x815) ImgOps


Опитування серед програмістів.

Що не так з ґеймдевом?
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Open thread.


Помити, проепілювати, вдягнути в чисту сукенку, напнути перуку, накласти професійний макіяж і під кокс покатить.


>Помити, проепілювати, вдягнути в чисту сукенку, напнути перуку, накласти професійний макіяж і під кокс покатить.
Програмісти шарять.


Не кожен підарас - програміст, а от програміст підарас завжди.


Я вже почав сумувати за тобою. Не пропадай!



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